Artist's Bio

John Ross
American, born 1946
Indianapolis, IN.

Herron School of Art, Indiana University

Selected Exhibitions:

Indianapolis Museum of Art

Hoosier Salon
Indianapolis, IN.

Water Tower Museum
Louisville, KY.

South Bend Regional Museum
South Bend, IN.

Ft. Wayne Museum of Art
Ft. Wayne, IN.

"My subject is man. My theme is imperfection", says sculptor, John Ross, best know for his unconventional figure sculptures made from common materials like Basswood and plywood.

"Wood is the best medium for my figures. It is warm, strong and imperfect," says the artist. His work takes two forms; robots assembled from plywood and life-size contemporary figures carved from logs. 

The theme of imperfection is conveyed in the chainsaw pieces through the roughness of the execution. In the robots imperfection is visible in the flaws of the plywood and the less than perfect assembly of the pieces. "I want the robots to look like they were built by a couple of kids in their garage on a Saturday afternoon."

Imagery for the for the work comes from a wide range of high and low culture. The chainsaw carvings of Georg Baselitz, Japanese tin robots, classic sci-fi movies and Michelangelo's, "David", are all inspiration for his figures.